Cable Making Bench

Created: Apr 5, 2018   Updated: Sep 17, 2022   DISCLAIMER
Image shows completed Cable Making Bench

Custom Cables eliminate tons of push-wires (also called Jumpers). That alone boosts project reliability and improves appearance.

But, making cables can be a challenge for the un-initiated. That's why I chose to make this Cable-Bench. Its much easier to build a cable this way. Without it, you'll be struggling.

The Bench is comprised of an MDF base holding two 830 tie-point Solderless Breadboards. As an afterthought, I placed some masking tape in front and marked off 1 inch points to judge cable length.This worked well and I recommend you do the same.

Low cost MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is available at places like Lowe's and Home Depot. Its sold in 2x2 feet and above sizes. Its very flat and uniform. It works great for Micro projects but is susceptible to water damage. I get mine cut for me when purchasing. So its wise to know what sizes you need in advance.

Shown next is a Layout Diagram of Platform and Component dimensions.

Layout Diagram for Cable Maker Bench.

Let's follow that with another diagram showing Component locations in X-Y (Inches).

Using the Bench

If you navigate over to this page, you can see all sorts of example pictures showing Cable making on the Bench.

Its also helpful for making Component-Carriers or Module-Carriers!

Now that I've used one, I can't imagine building Solderless Projects without it.

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Created: Apr 5, 2018   Updated: Sep 17, 2022   DISCLAIMER