90-Degree Phase Shift PWM using Mega

Accurate 90-degree Phase Shift PWM has selectable frequencies from 50 Hz to 80 kHz. Start, Stop, Duty-adjust and Direction controls. Full project info includes; Code, Schematic, Performance snapshots and Build details.

Arduino Timer Phase Shifted Square Waves

How to Phase Shift Square Waves without phase-flip errors. Uno project includes Tactics, Code listing and Diagram. With Video!

Uno Phase Shift PWM

Single Timer Phase Shift PWM with 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 Channels @ 180, 120, 90, 72, or 60 degrees! Selectable frequencies with Forward-Reverse direction. Full details, Code, Diagram and performance Pictures...

6-channel 60 degree Phase Shift PWM

How to Phase Shift PWM 60 degrees, 6-channels. Includes Diagram, Code strategy and Listing. Example project uses Mega2560.

Phase Shift PWM using Arduino Mega2560

How to Phase Shift 3-Channel PWM at 120 degrees. Example project uses Mega2560, includes Description, Diagram, and updated Code Listing...
GUI Interfeace of RTM_TimerCalc, Arduino Timer Calculator

WYSIWYG Arduino PWM Code Generator

Quickly generate PWM source Code for your Arduino Nano, Uno or Mega2560 with this free Windows desktop app.
Image shows completed Cable Making Bench

Cable Making Bench

Create your Custom Cables on this easy to make bench. Also great for making Module Carriers! Beats using third-hand devices...
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