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RTM_TimerCalc V1.31 Windows Installer

Advanced Arduino Timer Calculator generates C++ code for Arduino Nano, Uno and Mega2560;

  • Latest Release. 
  • Work and Think in your choice of Hertz, uSec, mSec, Second, Minute, Hour units.
  • Simplified & formatted results for easy reading. Includes accuracy % readout.
  • Limits Report shows Frequency & Interval boundaries for any Clock-Timer-Mode combination.
  • Portrait or Landscape printout, plus Image capture to Clipboard.
  • Optionally filter out Warning messages, Info messages and Beep sounds!
  • Customize GUI colors, fonts and actions...

32-bit Desktop Application requires Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system.

Image shows Advanced Arduino Timer Calculator main view.

  • NOTE: Video and Description info not yet ready. Watch the Site-News section for announcements about added info/videos.
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CRC-32: 79127B0D

RTM_Layout 1.01 Windows Installer
Next Version of RTM_Layout with multiple size Breadboards, expanded capabilities and more! Design your Project's "components floor plan" with placement and size resolution of .01 inch. Know (before you spend time or money) where components will be located and whether they'll fit your enclosure or platform.

Image of RTM_Layout application.

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CRC-32:  E82F3E00

Created: Dec 31, 2018   Updated: Nov 13, 2021   DISCLAIMER