RTM_TimerCalc V1.40 Windows Installer

WYSIWYG Arduino Timer Calculator perspective view.

WYSIWYG Arduino Timer Calculator generates C++ code for Arduino Nano, Uno and Mega2560;

  • Latest Release ** Includes corrected code for Adjustable-Phase Square Waves **
  • Work and Think in units of Hertz, uSec, mSec, Second, Minute, Hour.
  • Simplified & formatted results for easy reading. Includes accuracy % readout.
  • Limits Report shows Frequency & Interval boundaries for any Clock-Timer-Mode combination.
  • Print Portrait or Landscape, plus Image-capture to Clipboard.
  • Option to filter Warning messages, Info messages and Beep sounds!
  • Customize GUI colors, fonts and actions...

32-bit Desktop Application requires Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system.

CRC-32: 8CCC56F1

Created: Dec 31, 2018   Updated: Mar 4, 2023   DISCLAIMER