About Runtime Micro

Image closeup of permanent soldering breadboard wiring.

Runtime-Micro was founded in 2016. The content is for Electronics Entusiasts. We exploit Solderless Breadboards and wire wrapped Headers to make long lasting Electronic and/or Micro Projects.

Example Projects are;

  • Permanent Solderless. They last for years in many deployment situations without being recast in a soldered form!
  • Open frame, intended for experimenting and easy access.
  • Often utilize pre-made (soldered) Modules mounted on plug-in carriers.

About RTM Content

Electronics theory is not found here. The intent is to demonstrate Permanent Solderless tactics to build electronic projects. Additional content dealing with Code and Example Projects is planned or already published here.

Also, we have free software that can help out when planning micro projects. Be sure to take a look.


  • All page articles are based on my experience and opinions. Nothing is cast in stone or guaranteed to be accurate. Take note.
  • NOTE: Headers have pointy metal ends that can puncture skin. Be careful to avoid injury to yourself and others!

About Me

I'm a self-taught Electronics Technician (now retired). I spent decades working with Design, Test and Repair of electronics assemblies. Many times I wire-wrapped prototypes and test fixtures.

In 2013, I got interested in Arduino Micro boards and built several projects for personal use. I have a Raspberry Pi as back-up for my desktop PC. I'm interested in other Single-Board Computers too.

I hope you find your visit here worthwhile. To reach me, use the Contact form if urgent. Otherwise, please consider signing up and joining RTM Forums.


Lee Price