Permanent Solderless Breadboards

Image of completed Permanent Solderless Breadboard Project.

Permanent Solderless Breadboards give you a new tool to craft reliable projects at low cost. Intermittent connections vanish thanks to wire wrap and careful component choices.

Build Solderless Projects that Last

Make reliable breadboard projects that stand the test of time. No need to convert to soldered form in many cases! You're done sooner at less cost.

Using these tactics, your projects will;

  • resist impact and vibration.
  • be free of rats-nest problems!
  • operate reliably on a long term basis.
  • stay easy to repair or modify -- even years later.

Because permanent solderless projects aren't stuck in a soldered state, they're easy to change or repair. Try that with soldered strip boards or printed circuits!

  • Soldered connections often don't fare well when re-heated.
  • Wire wrap can be undone and redone many times without damage!

Permanent Solderless Breadboards example wiring...

With the rats nest gone, we recover valuable space. Plus wrapped wires play nice! Redress them and they stay put. Not so with too-long jumpers. Anyone can apply this technique to build decent & reliable breadboard projects. But there are rules you must observe. To learn more, see this page for in depth details and pictures.

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