Breadboard Quality

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Breadboard Quality

When doing research for this website, I purchased Breadboards from a variety of Vendors. One thing learned was Breadboard usability is determined by spring-clips, flatness and included mounting plate;

  • If your Breadboard came with crappy spring-clips, you likely had trouble inserting wires and components.
  • If your Breadboard body was warped or not flat, it wouldn't mount well or look good.
  • If your Breadboard did not include a mounting plate, you'll have trouble mounting to exact position.

That knowledge narrows down our list of Breadboard Manufacturers to buy from. In an upcoming article, I'll go into Breadboards in detail. You'll see why purchasing a quality Breadboard means spending more than $2-$3 each.


Created: Aug 31, 2018   Updated: Aug 21, 2022