Uno Phase Shift PWM Project coming soon

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Uno Phase Shift PWM Project coming soon


A while back I created several Phase Shift PWM projects using Mega2560. These were multi-Timer and somewhat involved as Arduino projects go.

Image shows Uno Phas Shift PWM, 4 channels at 90 degrees...

But now I've got a third offering using only Timer1 to generate from 2-to-6 Phase Shift PWM channels. The waveforms can run forward and backward on the same pins. And angle determination is automatic with channel count selection. There are certain limitations which I explain in some detail.

But for those complaining there's no single Timer Phase Shift PWM around, take heart. As soon as I get some issues resolved, this new project will be ready with Code, Diagram and example images for you to check out...

Until then,

Lee Smile

Created: Mar 18, 2023   Updated: Apr 9, 2023