RTM_TimerCalc V 1.30 Version In The Works

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RTM_TimerCalc V 1.30 Version In The Works

I am now developing Version 1.30 of RTM_TimerCalc.

This effort will address the following issues;

  • Locale problems (aka culture in VB.Net) causing commas to appear where periods belong in generated C++ Code
  • Change in display of Scientific Notation (lower case e instead of current upper case E).

Other improvements will be made regarding error amounts and max-min frequencies you can reach.

Arduino Timer Interval Features

Recent testing made me realize RTM_TimerCalc could do more in the area of Intervals. I sometimes encounter folks looking for Intervals in Seconds, Minutes and even 24 Hours. With Version 1.3, I'm adding the ability to express your 'ask Parameter' in terms of uSec, mSec, Seconds, Minutes and perhaps Hours. The callout for Interval on the chart will also follow these same unit dimensions.

In Closing

I will -likely- not be trying to fix flaws called out for Wine operation under Linux (sorry).

Once finished (and tested), I expect the release to be sometime in Q1 2021.

If you know of any other bugs in RTM_TimerCalc, please let me know either in the appropriate Forum or through the Contact page on this site.