Changes in RTM_TimerCalc V1.31

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Changes in RTM_TimerCalc V1.31

RTM_TimerCalc V1.31 includes many changes and added abilities. This post reveals some of the changes and added abilities you'll find when it is released.


  • Some controls moved to better fit UI space (see previous and next Image).
  • Desired or Requested Output now called 'Ask'.
  • Clock edit-box relabeled for cases of "Custom Crystal Frequency".
  • Added push-button to call up Limits Report.
  • Scientific Notation will use lower-case 'e' instead of upper-case 'E' to better stand out against numbers.
  • You can Copy-Paste text edit boxes, right-click to select the Paste-menu-item.
  • You can use Undo-Redo menu-selections for edit box numbers (may not work after a paste).
  • Units drop-down now shows: Hz, uSec, mSec, Second, Minute and Hour. 
  • The Units drop-down has a context-menu to convert Ask from any supported Unit type to any other supported Unit type.


  • Shows Limits-Report when Show-Limits button enabled and clicked.
  • Shows a columned Mini-report for all calculations performed (or an error message).
  • Error messages tell you if Ask too big or too small, also shows the Limit Value (and Units).

Image shows RTM_TimerCalc V1.3 Limits Report.


  • Hover mouse over brings up tool-tip showing PWM DAC equivalent bits. Only works for PWM modes after a Calculation successfully completes.


  • Allow Beep: set False to kill beep on errors and warnings.
  • Allow Warning: set False to disable -most- warning text.
  • Allow Info: set False to disable info text.
  • Extra pixels: customize Output mini-report for more or less space between columns.
  • Locale: sets internal Locale control for USA (or France for test only). ** Leave on USA to get rid of commas in C++ duty-cycle
  • PrinterBrightness: adjust or disable lightening of dark UI areas for Print Portrait or Print Landscape.


  • Double-Click "Mode" label to force Chart into pre-set Duty-Cycle values and perform full Calculation.
  • Double-Click "Ask Frequency / Interval" label to force edit-box to 1000 and Units drop-down to Hz.


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