6-Channel Phase Shift PWM Project Coming Soon

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6-Channel Phase Shift PWM Project Coming Soon

Now Published  HERE

A recent Logic-Analyzer purchase has helped me develop a 6-Channel, 60 degree PWM project. It uses Phase-PWM and tactics similar to the 3-Phase 120 degree PWM project already published. It should be up fairly soon.

6 Channel Phase Shifted PWM from a Mega2560.

UPDATE: The logic analyzer revealed early start garbage coming from the Timers. But after many trials there was one Timer slower than the rest. I used a COMP-type Interrupt to PinMode the output pins after things were calm. It worked great.

I have a lot to write about in this project. And I realized I must modify the 3-Phase PWM project. Things are looking good.

More when I can...

Lee Smile

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