Image saying the word CREDITS

My thanks to the following Sites and Individuals who helped get Runtime Micro up and running.

  • Drupal 7 Community: Drupal lets you create Content-Types and Taxonomies from the start. This means you can make a website that does what you want and won't slow down as you add many more pages.
  • Devsaran: Designer of Drupal Themes for websites. Great job!
  • Tim Leek: Developer of Visual Micro's Arduino for Visual-Studio Plug-In. Tim is a great guy who works super hard. He inspired ideas incorporated into this site.
  • A2 Hosting: A reliable, fast web Host. Many thanks!

There are others I owe credit to but lost their info struggling with this site's beginning. My Apologies! Please Let me know if I used something of yours and didn't give credit. I'll make it right.

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