RTM_TimerCalc V1.31 Available Now

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RTM_TimerCalc V1.31 Available Now

RTM_TimerCalc is an Advanced Arduino Timer Calculator. I call it advanced because its calculation engine lets you think and work in Units of Hz, uSec, mSec, Seconds, Minutes and Hours.

Image shows Ardvanced Arduino Timer Calculator GUI.

Auto-error detection tells you when you're Ask is out of bounds.

Image shows RTM_TimerCalc Error Message display

You can view a Frequency-Time Limits Report to see the output-range for any Clock-Timer-Mode combo you can select.

Image shows RTM_TimerCalc Limits Report

RTM_TimerCalc is designed for reaching any possible Frequency or Time-Interval the hardware is capable of. It eliminates less flexible Timer modes for ease of use. You get Fast-PWM and Phase-PWM modes to cover the widest possible output range. For any Frequency or Interval you enter, an Error section in the Report window lets you know how close the actual output will be to what you 'asked' for (see first Image top right).

The GUI may look simple but be assured you can do a lot with this version of RTM_TimerCalc!

Navigate to the DOWNLOADS section of this site to get the Windows Installer. The app. is free to download and Use.

Apologies for not having Videos and scads of web text ready. I'm working on it. Please watch this News-Section for updates on documentation.

Have a great day, Smile