Coming Soon, WYSIWYG PWM

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Coming Soon, WYSIWYG PWM

It won't be too long (I hope) before you can download and use RTM_TimerCalc, a free Windows desktop application that will generate Arduino PWM code from parameters you supply! Smile

Image shows one view of the RTM_TimerCalc application

TimerCalc will calculate your Timer (1,2,3,4 or 5) Arduino Code and Control-Register settings for your wanted;

  • Frequency (exact or you're told the closest possible)
  • Interval (if you're looking for timed Interrupts)
  • Duty Cycle (per sliders you set up on a Preview Display!)
  • Interrupt Code (available via handy checkbox, includes Prototype ISR code in code comment)
  • PinMode Settings (pin numbers and Output channel IDs supplied in comments)

Stay tuned!