Changes in RTM_TimerCalc V1.30

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Changes in RTM_TimerCalc V1.30

RTM_TimerCalc V1.30 includes many changes and added abilities. I intend to release it this May with the understanding its not as well tested as I'd like. This post reveals some of the changes and added abilities you'll find when its released.


  • Some controls moved to better fit UI space (see previous and next Image).
  • Desired or Requested Output now called ASK.
  • Clock edit-box relabeled for cases of "Crystal / In-Pin Frequency".
  • Added push-button to call up Limits Report.
  • Crystal Clock edit-box
  • Scientific Notation will use lower-case 'e' instead of upper-case 'E' to better stand out against numbers.
  • You can Copy-Paste text edit boxes, right-click to select the Paste-menu-item.
  • You can use Undo-Redo menu-selections for edit box numbers (may not work after a paste).
  • Units drop-down now shows: Hz, uSec, mSec, Second, Minute and perhaps Hour. 
  • The Units drop-down has a context-menu to convert Ask from any supported Unit type to any other supported Unit type.


  • Shows Limits-Report when Show-Limits button enabled and clicked.
  • Shows a columned Mini-report for all calculations performed (or an error message).
  • Error messages tell you if Ask too big or too small, also shows the Limit Value (and Units).

Image shows RTM_TimerCalc V1.3 Limits Report.


  • Hover mouse over brings up tool-tip showing PWM DAC equivalent bits. Only works for PWM modes after a Calculation successfully completes.


  • Allow Beep: set False to kill beep on errors and warnings.
  • Allow Warning: set False to disable -most- warning text.
  • Allow Info: set False to disable info text.
  • Extra pixels: customize Output mini-report for more or less space between columns.
  • Locale: sets internal Locale control for USA (or France for test only). ** Leave on USA to get rid of commas in C++ duty-cycle
  • CustomCrystal_LoLimit: default is 32 kHz -- can adjust.
  • CustomCrystal_HiLimit: default is 20 Mhz -- can adjust.
  • PrinterBrightness: adjust or disable lightening of dark UI areas for Print Portrait or Print Landscape.


  • Double-Click "Mode" label to force Chart into pre-set Duty-Cycle values and perform full Calculation.
  • Double-Click "Ask Frequency / Interval" label to force edit-box to 1000 and Units drop-down to Hz.