Special Key-Combos for RTM_TimerCalc

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Special Key-Combos for RTM_TimerCalc

There are several special key combos available for you to force the application to perform certain recovery tasks in case you encounter difficulty.

Options Settings Grid

If you encounter problems using (or seeing) RTM_TimerCalc's Options Grid from the Toolbar, you can force it into view using the keyboard.

Hit the combination Control+Alt+S keys. This will force the Options Grid into view. At this point you can change a range of settings to make the software more friendly for your eyes. The next image shows what it should look like.

Image shows view of RTM_TimerCalc Options Grid

You can adjust the splitter that sets the width of this grid. Thereafter, it should maintain that width whenever you call it back. To close the grid, just click the Options button on the toolbar.

The Options button is a toggle type. Click once to open the grid. Click again to close.

Reset All Settings

If you get into trouble customizing colors and fonts, RTM_TimerCalc has a key-combo to force all settings to their default values (what they we're at first installation). Be warned this operation can not be un-done! Once you give permission, all settings revert to their day-1 install value. So be careful to not use this unless you are really stuck somehow.

The command does ask if you want to do this before executing.

The key combo to invoke this recovery-action is Ctrl+Alt+R. The following image shows you the warning popup.

Image of RESET ALL dialog. Entert Y aqnd hit OK to force reset of all settings.

That's all for now on this part of RTM_TimerCalc. Smile